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About Your Team

Our Team

We pride ourselves to be the best private yoga teachers in the world. Each of our teachers are 200RYT teachers as well as graduates of the PYT Private Yoga Teacher Training Program. All ansa yoga private yoga teachers are passionate and accredited to teaching one on one. We believe, and see everyday, how dramatically students improve their practice and ultimately their lives from learning in this format. No matter how long you have been practicing, hands on adjustments, corrections, and attention to detail make all the difference in a one on one lesson. Each of us are blessed with our own unique anatomy, emotions, and spirituality. Individual lessons address your specific needs instantly and directly. Jennifer and her team of teachers are extremely positive, personable and approachable allowing personal clients to feel comfortable and safe. Each of our highly qualified team members is hand picked and trained by Jennifer Pansa, one of the most internationally respected private teachers and healers. Jennifer and her team are very intuitive and most students find that the biggest transformation working is actually their outlook and patterns in their personal and business lives. Private lessons are also convenient because class can happen at your home, at the beach, or another location of your choice, saving you time and hassle. Each session is fun, inspiring, and safe, creating an uplifting, relaxing, and positive experience.

Benefits of Private Lessons

  • Custom Tailored Class
  • Beautiful/Convenient Location Options (Currently serving Miami NYC & Denver)
  • Dramatic Physical Improvement
  • Emotional and Spiritual Growth/Healing
  • Setting and Achieving of Personal Goals
  • Hands on Adjustments and Corrections
  • Light Massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Upbeat and Relaxing Music
  • We provide the equipment with our mobile studio (mats, blocks, meditation pillow & towel)

If you are a beginner

Private lessons can ensure that you are gaining the correct foundation to your practice, gaining confidence to attend group classes safely.

If you are healing from an injury.

Private lessons facilitate a safe recovery and prevent future injury.

If you have an advanced practice

Private lessons allow you to go deeper, taking time to workshop arm balances, binds, transitions, and meditations.

Class Length Options

  • 60min
  • 75min
  • 90min


Class pricing is determined by teacher experience, frequency of lessons per week, location, class length and advance payment options. Please contact us with more information about you so that we can give you a custom quote!



We are expanding quickly and looking for more incredible private yoga teachers. If this is you, please contact us directly.


“If I would have started with Ansa Yoga earlier, I would still be playing professional basketball today.”
Marko Jaric, former NBA Player of Dallas Mavericks